The Best Document Management Programme in Estonia

In the period from 13.07.2009 to 01.09.2009, the Estonian Informatics Centre (EIC) carried out a survey among the organisations that have joined the Document Exchange Centre (DEC) of Estonia.

The highest score in all categories evaluated was gathered by the Webdesktop document management programme.

The questionnaire was sent to 231 organisations that have joined the DEC, and 92 of them, i.e. 40% of the sample group, responded. The users of document management programmes were asked to provide their evaluations under the categories ‘Satisfaction with the document management system’, ‘Desirable document management systems’ and ‘The reliability of the service of the Document Exchange Centre’. The users rated Webdesktop by far the best programme in all categories.

The Document Exchange Centre is a common information system offering a central document exchange service to different document management systems and other information systems dealing with documents. The tasks of the DEC include interfacing scattered information systems via X-Road, short-term storage of documents and, in the nearest future, also offering services supporting the processing of documents, and long-term storage and backup of documents. The following document management programmes enable the use of the Document Exchange Centre: Amphora, DocLogix, EMC Documentum, GoPro, Livelink, Postipoiss, SharePoint, Webdesktop.

You can learn about the options offered by the document management programme by clicking on the Webdesktop menu.