Development Options

A criterion for introducing a piece of software is its compatibility with the rest of the information systems of the organisation. It is easy to make Webdesktop work with an existing AD or LDAP server, and the system can also be interfaced via an XML-RPC, database or API layer. While the first two enable interfacing Webdesktop to other information systems, the ARI interface enables supplementing the application layer. The API interface has been designed so that it does not render software extensions dependent on the standard version.

The API interface is documented in English and contains examples of the functions as well. An estimated 30% of Webdesktop installations have been integrated or supplemented according to the user’s wishes.

In addition to its function as document management software,Webdesktop is also used as a development framework.

Webdesktop has been the basis in the creation of the following systems: the new EMS system (a system for legislative proceedings of draft acts) of the Riigikogu, EKIS – the information system of Estonian schools, KLIS2 – the information system of environmental permits, the system for managing the work processes of OÜ VKG Elektrivõrgud (formerly Narva Elektrivõrgud), the system for the management of the financial documents of ISS Haldus, the information system of the Labour Inspectorate, etc.