E-invoices – the next “big step” in electronic records management

The introduction of e-invoices allows processing invoices on paper to be given up, which in turn will help significantly save on processing costs and time and guarantee an exact overview at each moment of time.

E-invoice is an electronic container that contains PDF and XML files. A PDF file contains an original document of the invoice, while an XML file describes metadata of the invoice and invoice rows, on the basis of which Webdesktop registers an invoice automatically by filling in the relevant fields in the invoice register.

Processing invoices in Webdesktop is similar to conventional document processing. The difference lies in the entries and required relationships with suppliers created in the course of it. The latter may be connected with an accounting programme. When confirming an invoice, data are automatically entered in the accounting programme.

The Webdesktop module for processing of invoices allows using different accounting programmes and solutions by synchronising data both in real-time as well as through the DVK.

Webdesktop is a pioneer in electronic processing of invoices, the first solution was completed in 2005 and the largest system has processed more than 100,000 invoices.