Introduction of Webdesktop

Practical experience has shown that, in an organisation with up to a thousand users, Webdesktop can be introduced in 1 to 2 months. A prerequisite for that is, however, that the document management is generally well arranged in the organisation and, what is most important, that there is a vision of the intended use of the electronic document management system.

The first step should be to review the document list. Both the function and structure-based approaches are used: the first is more widespread and we would also recommend that one. On the basis of the document list, a Webdesktop structure tree is created, and later the storage periods, access rights, etc., can be defined. It is possible to enter a document list into the system by importing data from an Excel file, for example.

A more labour-intensive stage is the description of formal elements and metadata of documents. For that you need to map the types of documents used by the organisation, decide which formal elements and metadata are needed, under which data type each piece of metadata belongs (text, number, date, etc.), if default values can be set, if these are compulsory data, etc. After that it will be possible to describe document types in Webdesktop.

To facilitate the registration of documents, you can automatically assign a registry number and save documents, according to their types, under the appropriate categories. These activities are performed after creating a document list and describing document types.

The user rights system of Webdesktop is group-based and, prior to creating users, user groups should be set up. Usually there is a general group bearing the name of the organisation, where all users belong, and there are also groups requiring special rights, such as the human resources department. Groups can be housed on the central LDAP or AD server of the organisation.

The final major operation is the creation of users. All users are immediately linked to groups, which defines their rights in the system. Users can also be housed on the central LDAP or AD server of the organisation.

Depending on the specific features of the organisation, you can also create a publicly accessible part in the document register, in which case you must define in describing the document types which formal elements and metadata you wish to display in that part.

Now the technical operations regarding the introduction have been completed and you can start training the users. Introduction support and training are usually included in the price of Webdesktop.

We also recommend that you read through the following documents and acts of law: