Options of Webdesktop

Webdesktop is fully-functional electronic document management software complying with nearly 100% of the requirements of the Government Office. To learn about options available with Webdesktop, please contact us and we will agree on free-of-charge introduction of the demo version of the software.

Webdesktop covers the following:

  • The entire electronic life cycle of a document from creating it to archiving and disposing of it;
  • Processing of invoices and an interface to the e-Invoice Centre.
  • An interface to the e-mail account and the Document Exchange Centre;
  • ID card related options and digital signing;
  • Use of document templates;
  • Intranet, group work and time planning options;
  • Verification of rights and a login mechanism;
  • Version management, history, locking;
  • Public disclosure in accordance with the Public Information Act;

The programme is:

  • Web-based;
  • With a security level comparable to online banking sites;
  • Fast, simple and reliable.