Technology used for the Webdesktop document management system.

Webdesktop uses only technologies based on freeware:

Hardware requirements:

To serve up to 25 users with the information system, a standard office computer with a minimum of 512 MB memory and at least a 10 GB hard drive is enough. By increasing the memory capacity to 1 GB, you can serve up to 100 users. With 100 to 500 users, we recommend the use of a modern server computer with 2 GB memory and duplicated 36 GB hard drive space. With a larger number of users, it would be a good idea to consider a server with two or more processors. We recommend that you use the free Debian GNU/Linux as the operating system. There is no need to buy separate software licences.

Workplace requirements:

To use Webdesktop, you need an ordinary web browser with Javascript switched on and cookies enabled. Webdesktop has been optimised for use with Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above, but can be used with other more common web browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera and Konqueror. Webdesktop’s extension modules may require a Java module in the web browser. For digital signing the workplace must be equipped with the software for and reader of the Estonian ID card.