The metadata description systems for the document types of Webdesktop can be exported and imported from and to the system by using repeatedly descriptions of a document type. Listed below are the names of the document types most often used by our users; upon your request, we can import these to your system and adapt them, if necessary. It will take us up to 1 hour to set up a system suitable for you!

Name of document type Description
Instruments Instrument of delivery and receipt of work, instrument of write off
Questionnaire Client feedback questionnaire adaptable for any kind of survey
Report Reports ..

Subcategories: purchase and sales invoices Enables the generation of invoices directly from the system

Leave application, cost compensation application

Documents received and sent – addressee/sender, dates, addresses, form no., processing information, etc.
Document Other document. Description of the author, date, content of document

Draft legislation
Draft legislation processed by local governments
Statement -
Personal card For storing personal data
Client register -
Contacts CRM-type contact register/database. Separate subtypes: private and legal person.
Directives -
Contracts Employment contracts, sale and purchase contracts, contracts for services, etc.
Permit -
Memo -
Decision -
Minutes Minutes of meetings, of the management and supervisory board, etc.
Request -
Work order -
Business trip decision -
Certificates -
Correction notices -

Creating a new document type with Webdesktop tools will take up to 15 minutes, be it a register of work tools or of quality management. We recommend that you transfer all registers kept on paper or in Excel to Webdesktop.