Webdesktop is one of the most popular document management systems used in Estonia. To be more specific, Webdesktop is fully-functional document management software developed by Webware OÜ, also containing options for group work, the management of calendars and tasks, holding discussions, and a simple e-mail service. It is a modern web-based solution, developed in view of the requirements for and needs of digital document management and the security of data. Due to its web-based solution, Webdesktop does not require the installation of any additional software on the client’s computer and it can be used safely in any place where there is Internet access: the office, home, an Internet café. As Webdesktop is based on freeware components there is no need to pay fees for any additional licences for the operating system, database engine, etc. If necessary, Webdesktop can be extended into an information system meeting specifically the needs and requirements of your company. Webdesktop is used both in the public and private sectors.

The keywords related to Webdesktop are: speed, convenience, flexibility and innovation.


What can Webdesktop be used for?

  • Webdesktop is clearly arranged. It enables you to manage all resources and documents, such as the employees, employment contracts connected with them, job descriptions, correspondence. It allows you to find the information you need quickly and in a convenient way at any moment. For example, you can find information about who a letter is from, what became of this letter afterwards, has it been answered, etc.
  • Webdesktop enables you to plan temporal resources. With the help of calendars, you can register and plan all temporal resources. You can, for example, use Webdesktop to book shared-use rooms, cars, projectors or other resources and later take excerpts about their use for a defined period of time: who and how much used what.
  • Webdesktop is flexible. The standard functions of Webdesktop enable you to create new modules: e.g. for client relation management (CRM): You can create a client type, define their metadata, then create a contact person type, define their data, and then link the client to the contact persons. You can also add a new type like telephone call, which registers telephone calls made by that client, and you can immediately link the telephone call to tasks (if the call gave rise to a task), etc. You can also link to the client all documents related to them: contracts, offers, invoices, etc.
  • Webdesktop enables checking. All activities are saved under history, enabling you to track later all changes and the course of the activities.
  • Webdesktop enables digital signing of documents. In accordance with the Digital Signatures Act applicable in Estonia, a digital signature has the same legal consequences as a hand-written signature. Webdesktop enables digital signing of all documents. For example, if you have a client with whom you wish to enter into a contract, you can provide the client with the access to Webdesktop (only to data connected with that client), initiate a new contract document, draw up a draft of it and, if necessary, link the document to a discussion where both parties can express their wishes and opinions, and, if all parties are content with the contract drawn up, it can be signed digitally in Webdesktop as well.
  • Webdesktop is interfaceable. It enables the import of data from other information systems, and MS Office and OpenOffice.org formats. In export of data, the CSV, XLS and XML formats are supported. Real-time data exchange interfaces have been created for different economic, accounting, etc., software.

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